Extension Heyos Control for BlogEngine.net

Since I needed I wrote an extension to display on the platform BlogEngine.net banners, tooltips and other creative Heyos by keyword [heyos].

With this extension you can enter the advertising Heyos in yours posts.

Heyos is the main circuits links that can be used by bloggers as an alternative to Adsense. This is a company that operates for about 10 years in the internet market and is connected with the dealership that is owned by Yahoo. There is a section for advertisers and for the webmaster who is the one that interests us most here


To register you have to fill out a contact form stating your credentials and payment method Paypal or bank transfer.

The decision will be notified within 2 working days and accept sites with only 100 visitors a day who are still acceptable graphics.

After the account has been placed on their servers you can access your account. In addition to classic banner image and text, you can also slide on the website (banners that appear at the bottom of the page), tooltip (contextual advertising in a few key words), windows, newsletters, etc.. For advertising hotspot that is similar to that of the sets of links to Adsense, you have to wait forty days because the site must be approved by Yahoo.

heyos layout

The minimum payment is 50 if you chose Paypal as it is of 200€ for the bank transfer. As a U.S. company publishers Europeans will have to issue an invoice without VAT. It will then be their duty to report to the IRS the income.

After the stage of registration and account confirmation we can choose a format in the Tags and the script will be introduced in our pages the following type:


<script type="text/javascript">
heyos_ad_user = "vostro codice user";
heyos_ad_type = "G";
heyos_ad_format = "4";
heyos_color_border = "5BBF00";
heyos_color_bg = "F5FFEC";
heyos_color_link = "005B88";
heyos_color_text = "000000";
heyos_color_url = "0033FF";
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://admaster.heyos.com/core/bnr.js"></script>


Once you have chosen the size of our banner we can put our extension HeyosControl the following location: App Code / Extensions

and you’re done.

To download the extension here is the link: Heyos_Control.zip

Bye Fabry

Fabrizio Cannatelli

Autore e Founder di Informarea, sono un appassionato di informatica e tecnologia da sempre. La voglia di comunicare e di condividere sul Web le mie curiosità e le mie conoscenze, mi ha spinto a lanciarmi nel progetto di questo sito. Nato un po' per gioco e un po' per passione, oggi è diventato una grande realtà.

Fabrizio Cannatelli